Lhasa Victoria de Bruijn's Homepage



With my suitcase on the way to the airport



My Cousin Quinty brushes my hair



In the swimming pool in Dennis & Brenda's garden





In the garden with Yindee & Lin



Doing some drawing in Niek's house


My hair is full of decoration



With opa Cees & oma Janny on the sofa


It was fun to watch outside while riding in the camper van


In the camper you can sleep very well


Opa Cees likes an egg in the morning




With Tanja and oma Janny at the water


The ducks weren't afraid, I was a little though




With Tanja & Rina and oma Janny & opa Cees we went boating at Giethoorn


With Tanja on a terrace


At the camp site Anouk was my friend



I get along with Quinty very very well






In the garden at the house of uncle Rob & aunt José




Ome Rob & tante José have a horse, that's cool



Eating an egg for breakfast


Well, eating...


Quinty and I were allowed to do some horse back riding






With Fleur in opa & oma's house


And then it was time to go back to Beijing and especially to Mama